When u r aware and accept that everything arnd u is constantly changing, and that u […]
i blame this tag on sv for getting me tagged… thank god!! things were simple… now […]
Such a crystal clear voice its got. Once u start listening to it u yearn for […]
While we spend much time ‘making up’ our faces to ensure our appearance is beautiful for […]
Gloomy weather with gentle breeze brushing my skin, Sun playing hide n seek with most of […]
Everyday we keep repeating our activities of our biological life cycle. Some activities are well defined […]
Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hainTum hoti to kaisa hota, tum yeh kehti, […]
” Mitti Ki Hai Jo Khushboo, Tu Kaise BhulayegaTu Chahe Kahin JaYeh, Tu Laut Ke AayegaNayee-Nayee […]
Each day is filled with a hundred choices and decisions, my life ahead will depend on […]
Silence means not thinking anything… I am not saying to stop thinking… if that happens then […]