Everyday we keep repeating our activities of our biological life cycle. Some activities are well defined in our POA(Plan of Action) and some or not. Amidst of oft activities we try to find a lame reason to procrastinate some of them which are actually planned.

I was the victim of procrastinate-syndrome, I reached my 5.5/5.5 cubicle with full zeal of busting enery. I knew very little before booting the box on my desk that i am gonna get booted after its. I was awestuck on the aftermath affect of mail-box opening, yeah i saw an infamous Windows Error with a message tag conveying my .pst file was corrupt and would you like to report the error to Microsoft. Inference of this event was that my mail box had conked up.
Now I had to spend my rest half of the day in getting the information back from the corrupted file. I felt the real worth of the saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ in my mind … I have to blame myself for procrastination of taking the backup of my information.

Albiet I got the information back…lost some of the vital information and most importantly I had to compromise in losing my time at work.

This incident evoked the urge for ‘Do Now’ in me… we find short of time for ToDo things in our life… we tag ourselves as ‘Busy’ and due to this we keep procrastinating until the activities piles up to nth state. I felt Procrastination is not only the thief of time, it is the creator of subtle inner tension too.

But sometimes its inevitable that we need to procrastinate… I am not saying we shouldnt…even in that state. I feel we shouldnt wait till we feel like doing it – the feeling will come only when we start doing it. Also prioritising the list should have helped if at all we feel we are overloaded. Finally, creating a vision of the result and be motivated by the vision of the outcome, not the thought of the process.

If there is anything we can learn from the process then see it is action learning and keep in track of POA’s so that there is no schedule variance :p. These are some of the ideas and the need I felt we can avoid procrastination, but you may have other ideas.

On looking at the brightest side of today’s morning event I felt it gave me an opportunity to think abt the pros and cons of Procrastination… may be this is wat we call as ‘Time-Impart’. Now lemme get back to implementation/preparation/updation of POA… 😉



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  1. I have learnt the POA lesson the hard way too!..;)
    but the effect wears off and you relapse into postponing things again if ur not wary enough!!

    probably a board ‘do now’ at the desk might help:D

  2. @pakku: that task was accomplished long back, go back to flash back to taste them back :p

    @hema: yeah i do agree with ‘relapse into postponing things again’ but prioritizing could be one thing which can help in a way!!

    Scheduling a ‘Reminder’ would be another one :p (No Cycle of reminders ofcourse ;-))

  3. @yes-g: With the help of billy’s crap recover tools which is fortunately available in windows itself…

    Its called as scanpst.exe which repairs the .pst files :p

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