For the beginning of a busy day, u decide to wake up for a early-pearly morning by sleeping with the TIME in MIND. When u awake suddenly from the dream world and roll ur eyes on the Clock, its exactly the time u slept with the last night. Not a minute more, not a minute less.

You suddenly think of ur dear one n ur cell-phone screen flickers with the NAME.

One fine day u encounter a stranger who solves ur never-lasting problem with in few minutes!!

Enter the examination hall with few Questions in mind and read out the Q Paper to find them imprinted, ur all smiles that day!!

You are in a terra incognita and feel as if u stayed there from a long time. A feeling of able to relate urself being there before that, quite strange!!

A dreamt dream being realized…without the consiousness of realizing it!!

A snap thought of urs turning out to be a reality!!

A song which is running in ur mind, n suddenly find that its been aired in a public-speaker.

Gradually there comes a time when we never do not know what to do, when every event reveals something deeply significant to our awareness, and we can sense the deeper needs of those around us.

Are these… inner subtle skills of intuition OR the sign of my intuitive intellect at work OR is it someone reading my mind… a Celestial Telepathy??



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  1. These r the skills which u grep when u start hunting 4 the one, 4 ur rest of lyfe.. heee heee..

    Gr8 gng dude.. It implies u r gng gr8 gunsz keeep it onn..

  2. Huhahahaha! Good One TVP I was about to say the same :D.

    Well Anila…its truely ecstatic to FEEL-THROUGH the situation that became a reality someday when you least expected it to be one. Good Post. But, the most important line that made my eyes roll was – “You suddenly think of ur dear one n ur cell-phone screen flickers with the NAME.” Aha!!! Now I know what oyu are thinking! 😀

  3. “dreamt dream”.. dude u r dreaming even in your dreams.. ahhahaaa nice. BTB, in this case, is the telepathy “realised” in ur dream our in real.

    iddi, when I give u a call in the morning, u never welcomed it. kaala ketooithu appa, hudguru friends nane marithare, hudgiru sikkidre saaku. Che 🙁

  4. @tvp-the game: no need to possess skills 4 the one!! it happens with the FLOW!! [:D]

    @pramod: yeap u feel its true bliss deep inside… [:)]!! no words can substitute tat feeling!!

    @pakku: u gawt it…!! hehe!! ofcourse that was REALISED without the consiousness of RALISING it!!

    y r u always after the opp gender paks!![:D] tat was my generic expression!! neways “u c wat ur mind wants to c” [;)]!! “sadaa shivanige ade dyaana”!! hahaha!!

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