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When we think of birds first thing tat strikes our mind is The Wings. Yes!! the wings of fly, wings of freedom, the wings of desire to raise higher and higher. We cant imagine of flying frm one place to other ever without the aerodynamics that […]
Watta way to bring the curtains-down to 2006; it was the much awaited, most memorable and keep-goin-back trip to JLR(BR Hills)!! It has influenced me yet again to such an extent tat m still in the hang-over of the wilderness :D. Also its dedicated to SV […]
As biddin BYE to 2006 and INVITE to 2007, its been a gr8 year tat passed with new ventures, few surprises, cognitive thoughts, ecstatic moments, hard lessons, missed treats n get-together’s(frm P3, wud redeem them in 2007) last but not least… the awards, rewards n recognition!! […]