It was dusk and sky looking absolute beauty yesterday, I was on terrace juss spending my time doing nothing. Suddenly I saw a bird it was a small one flying and fluttering in the air with a great zeal of happiness. It was probably enjoying its freedom, may be it used to do the same thing everyday but I only noticed that day. It had nothing to fear about; enjoying life to the maximum. Suddenly I realized the message that it had conveyed me.

Happiness !!! a great word, what is this happiness? why shud one be happy? what r the reasons for a person to be happy? are the queries one shud really think about. As far as I feel…Happiness is very small word which cannot be measured with any damn thing in this world. It is the state of ones mind. We are always perplexed and lost in this very big world. we often forget to be happy although we want to be happy. we run around things which are external and material, We often feel those things will fetch u a greater amount of happiness and start to posess them. Doing this we forget to be happy.

Its very much necessary for a person to be happy, becoz it energizes ones own self. He starts feeling the presence of soul in him; this inturn transforms the place around u, ppl around u, this makes u enthu and the whole ambience is happy becoz of ur happiness being transformed.
When I was young I use to like choclates (to this present day i still love them 😉 ) and toys. If I had those i was very happy about it. When we r old our definition for happines changes…this happiness changes from person to person as well. Some feel very happy when they r with their GF’s/BF’s, some feel very happy in pulling others legs, some ppl feel happy when they r in the womb of nature…enjoying the beautic scenary…some feel happy listening to music or playing music… But I doubt is this the actual happiness? is this a permanent happiness? No this is juss a transient one…

According to me True happiness is one who loves his soul…There is a relationshp betwween soul and mind for being happy. The above phrases for being happy r juss reasons…but true happiness is when u r in solitude when ur mind is conversating with ur soul…n ur soul responds to it… Then ur soul will rejuvenate mind….its a great feeling then….Its very intrinsic and true. Its the same kind of happiness that the bird was experiencing…This happiness cannot be lost.One of the greatest enemies of happiness is expectations…U start expecting something and that if its not fulfilled then u r disappointed n stop being happy…ur mind loses its steadiness n calmness. Yeah its very easy to say not to expect but difficult to follow…I accept it but we need to practise…. We often look at the door of happiness which is closed rather than looking for a open door…

So to be happy …start loving ur soul…know ur soul…understand ur soul….no person in this world is greater than his own himself (maane soul)….If a person understands, knows n loves his own soul will never be unhappy no matter what it is…

But sometimes I simply feel very happy juss like tat…what is this all about? No reason….yet to find it…I guess its my soul enjoying without any reason….;)…dont call me mad…

Thanx for bearing my torture….hahaha



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  1. Happiness – Being mad about your own self, state of a person (mind, body) when watever (s)he’s doing, matters postively to his mind or/and body.


  2. Pain, Suffering,grief, fear, doubt are all inherent qualities of LIFE! Happiness is something which is oblivious of all these,inturn, oblivious of the ‘Unreal’. The day we understand this, I think, we can enter the ocean of unlimited happiness. 🙂

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