Goals, aspirations, motivation, actions, reactions, energies, growth, sacrifices, beginning and end all are affects derived from *needs*. Either it is physiological or psychological needs, in every aspects of our lyfe we are driven by *needs* but at different levels. Body needs food, our mind needs positive ideas and images, and the spirit needs time in silence and stillness to refresh and renew. We goto horizons to satisfy our *needs*. It is always bound to happen that once our *needs* are fulfilled we are elevated to the next level with another set of *needs*, i can term *needs* as insatiable. Juss wonder is there a lyfe without *needs* ?? arent we stuck in a the web of needs?? wat causes the urge of *need* ?? I am blogging about *needs*… is it also a byproduct of my *needs*?? juss contemplating…

Each one of us have different needs…!! to achieve them we tread a different path… our goals are formed by them… further we plan…then act upon later replan…we react…until we have achieved our needs. On the other hand sometimes knowing what u need is also very important, bcoz our *needs* today will divulge our tomorrow. It so happens sometimes to fulfill some *needs* we *need* to sacrifice some as well. At any state our needs must lead to constructive… progressive…towards growth both individually as well as collectively. It should not decay our self, morals and truth.

To satisfy his *needs*…one of my dearest friend has taken off to a new destination!! I wish him all the very best and good luck!! On the same note…I hope to realise my *self-actualisation* needs as well :D!!

Bon Voyage Paks…!!



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  1. one thing i can surely say is .. i am just overwhelmed by ur wishes.. thanks a ton..

    needs.. weell tahts wat human is all about. It is more than the NEED which ur talking about.. its just the thirst to be at par with you all guys in all ways.. GOD willing and with all ur good blessings.. i shud be there.. amen!!

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