Each day is filled with a hundred choices and decisions, my life ahead will depend on the choice I make right now…isnt it? The life today at this moment is the reaction of the action taken sometime back.

I am sole responsible for all my actions and the reactions that counter from the action. When something bad happens then start blaming on other entities, seldom doesn’t think about the root cap for the cause. I use to think how one can make a right choice at a give time.

I felt Wisdom is our best guide. Wisdom can take us in making right choice. Once chosen make it immutable, but how can Wisdom chose the right decision how I can possess the wisdom. My mind was wandering with this… then I thought Wisdom comes from the repository called as experience, yes something which I had followed for the same kind of instance and the illation of that action was fruitful… Experience comes from engaging with life… now this cannot be always… does that mean u gain wisdom only with experience?

No wisdom also comes from learning and learning comes from observing… each day comes it imparts a new lesson to our existence… so we are always learning and learning is an eternal process (read somewhere)… as I learn…I gain wisdom. And of course my deepest intuition… can our intuition also be termed as a source for wisdom? May be sometimes I do act based on my intuition and its spontaneous… how do u cultivate intuition… may be I should listen to myself always…So at the end of day Wisdom is required to act in a proper way.

Each day is an opportunity to gather and use all these… inculcate what did I learn and what did I hear… from myself? I did listen to myself… didn’t I?



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  1. Buddy…I felt your thoughts on wisdom is slighly confused. You also talk about intution. :-?…

    I don’t agree completely with you that wisdom and experience are so much tied up, because, most of the times, any major decision(s) taken are based on what are called as “GUT FEELING”. Gut feeling and ( intution or wisdom ) are 2 polarized scenarios.

    Also, you talk about the choice…I ‘feel’ choice erupts as an “IMPLICATION” of your “BELIEF” and neither from Wisdom nor Experience 🙂

  2. buddy.. i feel u got totally lost at the end of the blog.. u started with roo(u)t(e)s of decision-making and then ended up trying to discover the route to the route of decision-making.. huhhh

  3. Pramod: Y cannot one talk about intuition… then what is wisdom… define…?

    Wisdom and experience are tied up… if not… can u say a new born baby has wisdom? No the baby doesn have the wisdom when born… then how come he possess wisdom when he grow older? It’s his experience of day to day life as the baby grows to become a person… wisdom too grow… and he becomes more matured… I didnt say that wisdom comes only with exp… its just one way of obtaining…

    N it’s not with the GUT FEELING u should take major decisions… its with wisdom u take major decisions…one who does take up with GUT FEELING and not thinking he will not succeed most of the times…

    Ok I agree the ‘choice’ with ‘Belief’… now how did u get the Belief? Its becoz of ur wisdom… without wisdom ur Belief is weak… also without wisdom can u make a choice…?? U cannot make it…

    Pakku: I wanted to convey the vital role of wisdom in decision making… I was talking about “Wisdom” :-), that was my starting intro… well u know who was lost now…:p

  4. Anil…I agree with the fact that wisdom comes from experience. No one is born wise. We see things..learn on our own. Innumerable learning experiences make our pool of wisdom richer and richer and that very thing helps us to take decisions. GUT Feeling and/or Intuition to me are one and the same. We feel that. We cannot judge or think it. Every decision is a complex mixture of our ability to judge, wisdom, and intutions. Every decision is different. Sometimes we go for intutitions..sometimes we think and decide.


  5. Thanks for the comments Shine… 🙂

    Yeah its true to the core learning is a never ending process and we grow richer with our experiences in gaining wisdom…

    I have a different inclination about GUT Feeling/Intuition… I feel they cannot be same always… may be GUT Feeling can be our Intuition but an Intuition may not become our GUT Feeling always because there can be chances that we have many intuitions… Yes we do take decisions with GUT Feeling on one of the intuitions we have…

    However GUT Feeling is also an affirmation once the decision is made… Yes every decision is a complex mixture of all the above ingrediants I agree with it!!

  6. Well…individual thouoght and perceptions has to be respected :).
    But definitely, Anil you digress from the main topic…thats what I felt.Same was with paks as well I guess…

    SO anil who is this new entry? Hello madam…your intro plz 🙂


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