Minds Move Mountains…

Was watching the cricket match yesterday between Australia and

India, I was so much annoyed to see India losing. How come

Australia win their matches most of the time, how can they steal

the show everytime? what makes them invincible? how are they so

much successful? These questions were striking my mind…

Now this one thing that everyone wants in their life….success.

Whatever may be our undertakings, nobody likes to fail…. We all

want to succeed…. Success though we all desire, truely

successful people are handful. There will be many factors for our

success and failures of life. But in every single case there will

be one main factor involved and that is Will Power and

determination. The degree of one’s success in life is

commensurate to the degree of will power that one has attained.

Having said about will power, what is will? wherefrom does it

originate? Will is a compound of Self(our soul) and Mind…. our

soul is undifferentiated consiousness, in this consiousness their

is no will… because will presuppose of our mind and our mind is

the impeler of soul…. Thus will power is positive and creative

function of the mind which propels and enables us to do chosen

actions in definitive way and avoid unchosen actions in equally

definitive way.

Will power is that power of mind which enables us to do what we

know to be right…. and not to do what we know to be wrong…

under all circumstances, favourable or unfavourable, known or

unknown. Will power increases our innate strength… no one is

born weak….. Its all the circumstances and the ambience in

which one grew tat makes him strong or weak.

Judging what is right and what is wrong is the key to success. If

Wright brothers wudnt had the will power to think about inventing

flying machine we cud never fly. I read somwhere tat it took 1000

times for Thomas Alva Edison to invent bulb, they never gave up.

Nothing is impossible though it may be difficult to acheive…..

most of the times our failures show path towards success….but

we need to learn good things from the failure….and never repeat

the mistake which caused failure….juss the way aussies did…

😀 they didnt give follow on…remembering their failure last


We always face many problems in our life, everyday it comes as a

challenge for us but most of the time we will not juss solve

them. We never maneuver the problem, when we stay more time with

the problem we will surely be able to find a solution…their is

no problem in this world without a solution…the solution we

find should be simpler but not simplest….when we correct all

our small things in day to day life…big things get solved by


Its easy to say but very difficult to follow, we need to beleive

in our soul….we need to nurture power with in us….certainly

if we have will power….we can surely move mountains…..

Althoug Indians lost their match…that made me to think about

will power….:D This is the lesson that a failure teaches us….

Wish our Indian team will surely attain will power to demolish

aussies next time…



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  1. Well, Anila its a good one buddy. But I have a comment on WILL being compounded of Self and Mind. I think will is just an exteriorization of your thought and hence cant be compounded completely with mind!

    And consciousness, Consciousness IS! Its present in every object in this dream world. Its the SAME in every object and hence every object is conscious that it has consciousness. Consciousness does nothing but it IS, but with out which the object dosent exist.

    But the mind, its been classified in ancient Indian scriptures into three: doer, thinker and knower at increase order of subtleties And everything that a doer does is because the THOUGHT PERCOLATES from higher world of mind! So I think….the will you talked about originated not from just mind but from the “knower mind” 🙂

    Good one buddy…taking an example of cricket…hmm..interesting.Keep bloggin’ more my dear friend.

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