” Mitti Ki Hai Jo Khushboo, Tu Kaise Bhulayega
Tu Chahe Kahin JaYeh, Tu Laut Ke Aayega
Nayee-Nayee Rahon Mein, Dabi-Dabi Aahon Mein
Khoyeh-Khoyeh Dil Se Tere Koi yeh Kahega
Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera
Tujhe Hai Pukara….Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahin Sakta”

One of my favourite songs in recent past… Nostalgia is personified in this song… especially the lyrics… its mild… posessess a soothing touch… From the day I have stepped out of India whenever i hear this song i feel like going back to home land…

Happy Independence Day… 🙂
Vande Maataram…
Jai Hind…



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  1. hemamalini: Thanks for the comment :-), yeah agree with u, we realize the importance of anything when u lose/stay away from it… when i was away from my home land i truely realized its importance.

    I hope that hope should never go in vain… even if it does go in vain u still hope for another hope which doesnt fade… tat is life…!!

    PS: I am happy my hope didnt go in vain… agreed!!

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