When we think of birds first thing tat strikes our mind is The Wings. Yes!! the wings of fly, wings of freedom, the wings of desire to raise higher and higher. We cant imagine of flying frm one place to other ever without the aerodynamics that birds thought us. We find them everywhere around us; every morning the bird-song wake our souls and welcomes to the real world but yet these birds seem to be unnoticed. They have no boundaries, no borders, no restrictions and they fly across miles to love, breed and offspring a new life far away from their home in a strange foreign land. Wonder what makes them to travel over continents at the stake of their life. Probably tatz wat Exploring-the-Unexplored is all about. They have their own world which is not much different from our world but yet they are so different. The way they communicate, enjoy, breed, prey, build their nests, protect their kins. At one place its a Hunter and at the other its the Hunted.

Oflate have become a enthusiast for birding, its a great feeling freezing their emotions n expressions in my shutterbox. And this being my first such birding-trip had great time reading, learning and unlearning. It all begun with SV’s call to go out for the weekend away from Bangalore towards Mysore, it was an asynchronous event and went with the flow without any plan-of-action. We hiked arnd different places between Bangalore/Mysore in hunt for haunted. Kanva and karanji lake in mysore were great discoveries. Well…. Birds fly and in a place like this time too fly. Did spot wide variety of birds from kites, parakeets, erons family, egrets family, bee-eaters, cormorants family, pelicans, painted storks to king fishers. All I missed was the efficiency in my tool to capture them as close to eyes.

Here I leave with few Expressions/Emotions tat bought smiles on my face…!!

The King of Good Times-White Breasted KingFisher

Cattle Egret
Looking high-Drongo
In Vigil-Green Bee Eater
Love is in Air- Pelicans
Wings wide open-Lesser cormorant
In flight-Pelican
Serene Swim-Pelican

For the entire album check the below link.



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  1. “Birding”.. are you sure thats what you wanted to say? Did someone yell to convert that word to kannada?… no its not me .. hehehheh

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