Gloomy weather with gentle breeze brushing my skin, Sun playing hide n seek with most of the time being the hider*. The depth of the sky was partially visible, was yet another weekend with the freaky weather; past few weeks for me has been a house arrest due to the weather turn-outs with typhoon warnings and gusty rain. Hey m not complaining by the way ;-), I was glued to my balcony all the time until clouds started to hiss with tiny rather big droplets of water.

My view of blue sky was totally limited with the hulk of dark clouds. Suddenly I visualized the imposition of limitation in my mind about the enjoyment. My mind was craving for a clear view of deep* blue sky ;-). That certainly tickled a chain of thoughts.

Yes the sky is a wonderful metaphor for the unlimited. Essentially we are each unlimited in our capacity and our awareness. But we are taught to limit ourselves from an early age. There are many self-imposed limitations one has drawn a boundary. Just like the way clouds abstracted the view of sky for sometime. We seldom melt the barriers and boundaries which have been encouraged to create in the universe of our consciousness. One who dissolves the self-imposed limitations will surely know his true self. In a way to dissolve the limitation is to imbibe a limitation of exploring more of one’s own self. It doesn’t mean the limitations are bad always, sometimes they too are necessary.

After sometime the clouds got dispersed creating huge patches in turn was able to view the blue sky again.

My mind uttered; “visualize yourself rising gently upwards, slowly…gently rising, higher and higher…up into the sky. The vast blue sky; imagine yourself spreading outwards, wider…and wider…until your whole being has expanded across vast distances. There are no boundaries, no barriers, no limits to your being… You are vast…unlimited…no beginning…an end… You encompass the whole world…(at that cusp) You gently cradle the fragile planet in your cool, blue vastness”.

A quiet radiance emanated from the heart to encompass the world. Occasionally clouds drift by; they are my thoughts and feelings… They come into my awareness, but now m so vast and they are so tiny and insignificant…They drift past whilst me remain calm and peaceful and all-seeing in my silent, still state… And then slowly, I begun to shrink back into my finite self and start to descend very slowly. Back into this physical world of perpetual motion and sound. I felt then have a calm, cool, self awareness which I carry into the day…

Nothing disturbed the mind and yet was aware of all that was happening around. Like those clouds, all scenes, all people, all events, simply come to pass. I now saw more clearly what I need to do, to say, to give….But even behind my actions my mind remain……silent…and still…and unlimited…

I realized what mind and sky have in common ;-). Have your mind ever enthralled ‘Being the Sky’ ?



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  1. Wait a minute…I din’t understand a single word here! Anila I guess you are “enlightened” just like Gouthama Budda…which is beyond our @least my thinking…can you please put thes in simple plain words……

    God…am dizzy….starz above my head…:D

  2. @hemamalini: yeah exactly, that was a nice observation indeed :). Thanks for adding the missed one… The shape of the clouds can be unique and at times may match wrt other individual too 🙂

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