When u r aware and accept that everything arnd u is constantly changing, and that u have no control over 99.99% of it… u are able to embrace change like a close friend!!

[snip…from the web]
Change is evident.
Change is inevitable.
Change is neccessary.
Change is acceptance.
Change is relinquishing.
Change is forced.
Change is to combat.
Change is ethereal.
Change sustains.
Change is ordained.
Change is obvious.
Change is effort.
Change is process.
Change demands patience.
Change mandates perseverance.
Change is nice.

adding to it…
Change is permanent.
Change is Rule…(parivarthan prakruthi ka niyam frm The Gita)

So evident… we see changes in every panorama of our lyfe!! its in flavors… in nature…its in human being… its in feelings… its in thoughts… its in ur ideas…its in desires… its in emotions…not to mention its also in relationships!! frm past half an hour i m thinking abt something which doesnt change… cudnt think of any… there is a shelf lyfe for everything… may be “Change is the one which is unchangable”.

When i entered Hong Kong i thought abt this change which is gonna affect me… the change of meeting new ppl, new culture, new environment, new food… everything new arnd!! physical world arnd me to my inner spaces…!! yes.. in a way as an impact of external entities… I must confess that I was more skeptical abt this change…!! use to think how am i gonna gasp it!! but m glad now i feel it…have accepted it!! Change is like a river, constantly flowing and moving things around!! the river of lyfe which constantly bring ideas, people, situations!! each one as an opportunity to be enriched or to enrich others, to grow and to learn. I feel push of change in the right direction can yield the best of one self…!!

I realised change is the play of the universe as it entertains us in the biggest light-and-sound show of all time. A change for betterment is good, on contrary to it wat abt a change which havoc’s the stability in lyfe? sometimes which takes away a good thing frm u, which u never wanted to happen…not the loss of quality in u but ppl or a relation or the environment u luv!! a change in these is a loss or a beginning of new good ethos? not able to understand though as of now!!

Juss accept n move on is wat the essence of the Change-Affect… somewhere down the lane u do miss those pre-changed entities of lyfe…!! dont we? this is one thing have seriously thought of all my stay away frm home for almost past half of the year…!! m happy i carry forward all those memoirs of my first onsite trip back home which was the affect of change…!! these are the “aha moments” for me to be cherished for long times to come…!! embracing “change” again…:D




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  1. I like to add a few that I have thought about.

    Change is Power.
    Change, Encourages personal growth and improvement through experience.
    Without change you don’t get experience and witout experience one won’t change. Its a perfect oxymoron and mystry in life. We can think about Change as a whole for entire life…and yet we wont be able to get a
    perfect answer in the end, as, by that time, everything would have change and you need to strat all over again!

    Regarding change that brings in caustic effect in relationship, it all depends on what we are “expecting” from that relationship. Its that “expecting behaviour” of humans that brings in the winds of change in the minds of others. Its better not to expect or better to go northward and take the rift way!

  2. @pramod: change cannot be power always!! whatever u said is correct and is one side of the coin… a change can bring the loss of power as well!! a negative effect of it…

    change in relationship, yes to certain extent it depends on ur expectations!! but its mutual!! but what when u are not expecting anything except to be the same as the other person were before!! i meant the change in that way!!

    I also believe in “Change shud be Accepted!! whole heartily”!!

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