i blame this tag on sv for getting me tagged… thank god!! things were simple… now i expect no more tags… :D. although i hate to do this but doing it for pakku’s sake… 😉

watch on folks here we go!!

Seven Things I plan to do!!

1) Cruise to Goa on SUV along with my buddies P3 (Pradeep, Pramod & Prakash)
2) Go on a date with Trisha Krishnan … ;)!! i hear pakku whacking his butt with his own legs… :D. Poor legs…hehe
3) exercise regularly… although i do lots of stretching and flexing still keep planning for this activity… 😉
4) Recruit some hot chiks in my team… 😉
5) Get a BMW 7 series and drive from my home to office early in the morning… :D!! wats big deal in it anyway…
6) Keep having ‘n’ short term onsite trips at ‘m’ intervals to exotic places round the globe… 😉
7) Get few patents and demand royalty…;)

Seven Things I cannot do!!

1) To stop inhaling O2… 😉
2) To start dieting!! obviously… hehe
3) to part away from my dear friends!! (on a serious senti note… :D)
4) Quit computers!! my source for bread, butter, jam and everything else not in the list……..haha
5) To stop ornithology 😀
6) stop pulling legs…
7) gather seven things to fill this stupid list!! bash… bash… sv for that…!!

Seven Things I say more often!!

1) huh!! aargh!! when frustrated example: during appraisal meeting after a long argument
2) ohh gosh!! thatz great…(exciting good news!!)
3) kewl!! rock on!! (pump someone to have fun)
4) shucks!! wat the heck!!(most of the time!! when u see the bad roads, traffic. India losing in a cricket match. Something terrible happens)
5) greet in all the languages i know…
6) namaskaara …!! aarama
7) kudos, adios, cheerios and list goes on…

the next feature of this ‘tagged’ will be pakku(umbrella hero)



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