While we spend much time ‘making up’ our faces to ensure our appearance is beautiful for others, we forget to make up our minds. This is not about making decisions. Making up our mind means ensuring that our thoughts are positive and our feelings towards others are filled with good wishes. When we do, others begin to sense a deeper beauty emanating from behind the skin! This is inner beauty. Don’t hide behind your face. Let the real you show through.



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  1. Individuals do “make-up”, when they fear about themselves being exposed to th world. Best thing to do is to a) heartily smile b) show your concern/interest c) Stay away from the fear of being known d)Above all, BELIEVE IN URSELF, bcoz YOU are YOU, as I am not THE OTHER.

  2. @pakku: yes being what *YOU* are!! that the thing was in my mind. U are unique and so are others, accept and move on!

    @pramod: yes ‘Thou art that’, ‘You are That’. We all are unique souls… so much true. But we try to make it closed by curtains always.

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