Such a crystal clear voice its got. Once u start listening to it u yearn for more. Does possess good looks too once set cant take my eye off. I juss hook those 2 teeny mouthpieces on to my ears and am in my own world. Every strumming of the guitar to every beat on the drum… its pretty loud and clear. As if one can visualize the instruments being played in front of you. Yes I am talking about *my precious*, my iPOD.

Although I njoy with my Fourth generation iPOD around, recently got hands on the Fifth Generation one!! yeap its one of my dear friend’s. Ohh boy its so much sleek and plays MPEG-4 and H.264 video too. Its LCD is simply awesome and comes with flying colors…plays video upto 30 fps…is powered up with better battery life of upto 20 hrs… isnt it a true ‘Feast for your senses’. Its made very light too compared to its predecessors and the new processor used is very good. Thank Apple for this fast release of iPOD Video and foray into Fifth generation of iPOD era.

But I would have appreciated more if they would have retained the FireWire 400 ontop of the precious, such a worthy thing being removed really feel sad about it. May be it was a way to stop the manufacturers of iPOD Firewire devices from being used. The second thing is they have stopped packaging the iPOD charger with the Box. An iPOD is always an iPOD nothing can beat it!!



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