It was a bright saturday afternoon when P3A met at the usual “adda”…!! You may ask wats so spl about it? Yes, its special bcoz… has come after long time…!! This time was no difference when it came to the “wallet pricking”… i was been pricked once again…!! nevertheless the pricking had that essence of joy n pint of happiness…but y me always…??!!

It was a great relaxing day out…!! Well… now i dont spend much more words on the proceedings… do hit the link…for P3A’s Reprise marquee!!

Wasnt tat fun… ;)!! Juss before I drop a “full stop”… this below one is dedicated to my 3 Rocking Rebels :D!!

Rang birange mausam aaye!!
naye naye vo sapne laaye !!
mahakii rahe khwaabon kii hasiin vaadiyaan!!
khilte rahen yuun hii pyaar ke ye gulistaan!!

phir se mile jo hum deewaane!!
tho yeh samjhe tho yeh jaane!!
hum bhii rahen rahe yaar hamaare jahaan!!
aaye nahiin kabhii hum mein koii duriyaan!!

dil chaahata hai!!
kabhii na biiten chamkiile din!!
dil chaahata hai!!
hum na rahen kabhii yaaron ke bin!!



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