I realized its Saturday when woke up from my bed pack. And my room was illuminated with lots of light. Yes…I thought it’s a remarkable day…….I have my own reasons for it to be a remarkable. I met Mr. Sun for the first time in China…:), he was blistering out here…Out of the blues, the weather was transformed…u never know with the weather turn outs…hmmm…tatz mother nature…

It was also a different day for me because it was the first Saturday-weekends-working for me and also supposed to be the last Saturday of the month. Yes I had to go to office, it’s a policy here. I was off mood to go to office…on a weekend…

It was gonna be a short weekend for me….but in one way it was ‘boon in the disguise’ because u get so called good food prepared by Mr.Chi…usually the food will not be good on regular weekends…we have to go to another mess…so I had the chance of escaping from that. It was something to smile about….:)

I stepped out of BaiCaoYuan only to feel the scintillating light and blitz heat…I was not able to walk under the Sun…infact wasn’t able to open my eyes…tatz what it happens when u get accustomed to the environment rather murky weather…as far as now it seems the gloomy days won’t be there…somehow managed to get out of the sun…”xie-xie” to Cab service…he dropped me till the F1 block (infront of my office).

It was the same day again with loads of work…donno how time flew. It was 12 Noon and was lunch time…left for ‘Mess Hall’ which is about a furlong distance from my 20 storied office. This mess-hall is juss one among many in the Huawei City, to tell the area it covers….i can say its equivalent to Leela-Palace in Bangalore…This hall caters some thousands of people. Now I was bit early than other days…I was quite impressed by the menu…had few new things in the list…did all the field-work by grabbing the bowls fast…I was rather amazed to see a ‘jhilebi’ in China…although it was not looking like a ‘Indian Jhilebi’…but was good….comparing the fact that I m having it outside India.

I enjoyed the food, now I donno was it because that I was too hungry or my taste buds have been type-casted to this food…:D. May be there was influence of both these factors… in the mean time also got some French fries and Chinese noodles…truly a enjoyable lunch…

Now I was feeling that I am living here since aeons….although it was juss a fortnight of my stay….

Again back to work and finally looking earnest for the short weekend ahead…



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