Straight from my Cerebral…

Before I start with a painting its juss a white canvas waiting to get colored with the colors of my ‘Self’!!

Before I start with a writing its juss a white paper waiting to get phrased with the thoughts of my ‘Self’!!

Before I start with a bright day its juss a 86,400 seconds to get spent with the actions of my ‘Self’!!

Those actions of the day form the fabric of my ‘self-belief’…!!

On that passing thought I wish everyone a great week ahead!! Its been quite sometime i updated myself on the blogosphere!! well its not that I didnt have anything to blog about but juss that I was more productive in utilizing all the 86,400 seconds allocated to me… ;-)!! Gosh its been already a month after the start of this new year, time is flee’ing very fast like the new Ferrari 248!! Thanks to 4-days-holiday season its been at the right time for me!! Although was lethargic on the first 2 days juss hooked to *my precious*, the third was a welcoming day with RDB!! it was refreshing for me after 2 days of house arrest :D!! Thanks to tvp, managed to obtain the passes for so called Aamir’s flick :D!!

The long-(weekend)ed with a shocker frm pakku, yet again its a ‘mangie’tal-attraction ;-)!! Now back to the same-old cubicle with my biological battery being recharged fully with energy boosters…;-)!!

Last but not least…here I leave u with a snap of Mr Sun depicting the raising act from the cluster of mountains…!! one of my fav frames which i managed to do a click-a-clack at HK while on my way back home!!



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