Prologue: Way back on Aug 14th mez n sv had planned for Manchanbele but ended up travelin to BR Hills n arnd Mysore(had helluva time, planning again religiously :D). Am not complainin though, neways we were at the rite time to SNAP with Manchanbele on last week of october. This time tvp didnt miss the action and sv was in FLOW with his new found comrade :D.

About the destination Manchanbele dam: Bangalore To Manchanbele Dam is a beautiful country side drive. Its surrounded by lush greenery n small hills in all the directions. Best spot for half a day outing.

Famous For: Sunset n Sunrise, Birds(though could find very few) & the (d)ambience(combination of hills, birds, water n all good things associated with dam :D).

Best time to be: Time after the beginning of twilight when the Sun itself sets, and early in the morning juss after the rise.

How to Get There: There are 2 possible routes to reach out, First, on BMRC: Take a deviation after Kengeri towards Right via Big Banayan Tree. Though ppl say the road is bad. Second, on BMRC: Take a right once u reach Ramanagar Bus Station next to KEB. Which is a long route if traveling frm Bangalore towards Mysore, otherwise frm Mysore its a good option.

Close by places: Savandurga, Big Banyan Tree and Kanva Reservoir.

Activities: Being with my pals sv n tvp(yet another day when we missed pakku :D). Was sv’s first day out with his Camrade, snapped to glory. And was one of the best Sunsets(next only to Kanyakumari) I have ever seen and CLICKED in my lyfetime. In 25 odd minutes could experience the Rayleigh n Mie Scattering explained by Mr Sun himsself :D. Every minute the sun was goin down there was a drastic change in the ambience.

The red hues in the sky, result of the woes of an ending day.
Seen everyday though comes only once in a day.

It was juss one weekend bfore sv flew to Oregon. Had a great time @ KYN on BMRC, great moments to cherish.



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  1. Indeed one THE best outings we had though Kemmangundi tops my list.
    Mann I am missing those drives and getaways very badly …waiting for the next one @ KGudi…

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